Video: Bali – Land of Soft Nights & Radiant Days

Here’s a phrase you’ll see often on this blog: Bali is our favorite place ever.

It’s really no wonder when the island has so much to enjoy. So of course we were delighted to see this wonderful video on Bali taken by our long-time clients, Barbara John & Paul Sears, during their recent trip.

The video talks about the wonderful culture of the Balinese and how their inherent artistic-ness ties into their lifestyle and religion. It’s a great primer on the Balinese way of life. Plus, the video stars some of our favorite Escapes Unlimited Bali staff, Windra (our manager) and Sutama (one of our guides)!

Bali- Land of Soft Nights and Radiant Days from barbara John on Vimeo.

A big thank you to Barbara and Paul for sharing their Bali experience with us!

If any one else would like to share stories, photos or videos from their Escapes Unlimited trips, we’d love to feature them on this blog! E-mail us at with anything you’d like to share.

Happy Traveling,

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