The Travel Bucket List

Our long-time readers have been noticing an unusual trend with our agency lately: trips to countries that we normally don’t offer. In the past two years, we’ve taken groups to surprising new places like Nicaragua, Russia, Tanzania, and most recently Spain. Next year, we’re doing a Danube River cruise. And while some of those trips (Russia and Nicaragua specifically), were just great deals, the rest happened for a very specific reason: they were on our travel bucket list.


Most everyone has a travel bucket list, even if it’s a list of ideas like “I’d love to see Paris someday.” My mom and I are no different, though where we want to go tends to be a bit more unusual. Now that I work at Escapes Unlimited with her, getting to do our dream trips is a little easier. The result is utterly delightful trips that stick with us long after we come home.




For example, Tanzania happened because Mom wanted to do another safari. She hadn’t been on one since before I was born, and I’d never been to Africa before. (Going to a new country I’ve never been to before is always on my bucket list.) What a fantastic trip! There’s absolutely nothing else on Earth that can compare to seeing so many animals in one place. Now that I’ve been, I’d recommend that every serious traveler go on a game-viewing safari once in their lifetime. There are plenty of countries where you can go on safari, but we thought the parks, accommodations and our guides in Tanzania were particularly fantastic.


Spain came about in a more unusual fashion. I had long wanted to go to Spain, since there’s a town with my last name on it and my father’s family came from Spain to Peru hundreds of years ago. But my mom had always told me to save Europe for my honeymoon or something like that. Then, on our July 2013 Russia trip, one of our clients asked if we did Spain. She had studied in Madrid when she was in college and wanted to return. It was the perfect opportunity and it turned out to be a really superb trip. We were blown away by how fun it was to explore Spain, by the richness of their culture and their art. And the food! It’s very hard to have a bad meal there. We already want to do more with Spain in the future and we only just got back!



But despite having crossed a few things off our bucket lists, there’s still more to do! Here’s a look at our current dream trips…

My Travel Bucket List:

  1. Fly in Singapore Airlines’ Dream Suite class. (Have to have something crazy on there.)

  2. Return to Orihuela, Spain and spend a few weeks there.

  3. Visit the Nazca Lines in Peru.

  4. Visit the gorillas in Rwanda.

  5. Travel with my friends/people my age more.

  6. See more of Israel

  7. See more of Europe

  8. Visit Bolivia and Chile

Mom’s Travel Bucket List:

  1. Go back to Rajasthan, India

  2. See more of Cambodia & Laos

  3. Go back to Argentina to visit Mendoza & Peninsula Valdez.

  4. Do another Galapagos cruise.

  5. Go to South Africa

As you can see, our lists are very different. Mom has been more places, so she’s more interested in revisiting the great trips she’s taken over the years. My list has more new places I want to visit or things I want to do, though there are still plenty of places I want to go back to some day that aren’t on my immediate list. But we’d probably be perfectly happy going on most of the trips from each others lists. Maybe they’ll wind up being one of our future group trips. Who knows?


Do any of you have a travel bucket list? Let us know in the comments!

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9 Responses to The Travel Bucket List

  1. Will Skelton says:

    Note you have South Africa which is also on mine, primarily to see see Cape Town and the region around it and in north maybe Johannesburg (briefly) and Victoria Falls (have been on safari so not so interested in that part of South Africa), and also (and this one isn’t included on any tours I’ve seen) in Zimbabwe the ruins of an ancient civilization called “Great Zimbabwe” (see; it’s the largest pre-colonial structure in sub-Saharan Africa, built of large granite stones)

  2. Susan King says:

    My husband’s and my bucket list:
    Petra, Jordan
    Botswana (again) and Namibia
    Australia and New Zealand
    London (again) and the UK
    South Pacific
    Italy (again)
    Bali (again, of course!)
    Machu Picchu
    The Amazon

  3. On our list
    Love remote islands want To check the Philippines island Palawan
    Return to Palau Micronesia
    Cruise around Turkey go back inland
    Northern lights
    Dominican Republic
    African safaris any time is awesome
    Loved Bolivia,Honduras

  4. Sara Oseasohn says:

    my current list:
    Sri Lanka
    rural Japan
    back to Portugal, Netherlands, Italy

  5. kathleen calder says:

    Visit gorillas in Rwanda
    Rural Japan
    Palau Micronesia
    Machu Pichu
    African Safari
    Petra, Jordan
    Barcelona, Spain
    Countryside in France, Italy, Austria
    New Zealand
    Northern Lights
    Galapagos Islands
    Central American

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