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About Bali

All you need is one week in Bali to fall in love with it, which is perhaps what made the "Island of the Gods" so popular in the first place. There's a sense of peace and beauty throughout the island, spurred on by the island's copious natural beauty, the friendly Balinese people, and their vibrant culture.

Art lovers will fall in love with Ubud and the surrounding villages - each known for their own special crafts - as well as the artistic spirit of the Balinese people who keep their culture alive through music, dance, and art. Bali's coasts have many beaches that are perfect for surfers, divers, snorkelers, young kids, and even ordinary beach-goers, and that's just scratching the surface of what you can experience in Bali.


Featured Packages


Bali 5 Night
Hotel Specials

5 nights starting at
$290 per person,
double occupancy,
land only


Bali: Beach & Culture

3 nights in Bali's cultural center, Ubud, plus 3 nights at one of Bali's famous beaches!



Discover more of Indonesia with one of our extension packages to Java, Tana Toraja, and Borneo

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