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About Bhutan

An isolated kingdom where Buddhism and nature have come together to forge a world whose primary goal is human happiness. There is something about the land here that seems almost magical. Maybe it's the colorfully painted houses, tucked along the narrow valleys surrounded by the Himalayas. Perhaps it's the lack of traffic lights -there are none throughout the entire country. Mostly, it's the smiling, friendly people who are delighted to show

Land locked, and tucked away in the Himalayas, this little kingdom limits the number of tourists per year on purpose to guarantee that their unique culture and way of life will not be dramatically altered by the outside world.  The best time to travel is during festivals which are in the spring and fall.  The winter is too cold.  This is a mountain kingdom.  The summer can be wet.

Featured Packages


Bhutan 5 Days

Starting at $1869 per person, double occupancy, including airfare

Image by Rahul Viswanath

Bhutan In Depth

7 days starting at $2429 per person, double occupancy, including airfare

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